Who we are

We are the Mushuu's. No that is not our real name in any way shape or form. It has been created to protect our identities on the interweb. And so let me introduce you to the Mushuu's from Oz.

Madam Mushuu: That would be me. I am a 20 something Mum with two little kids. I work part time in the Education sector. I love lots of things so I won't list them all here, because that would be dumb and long. I am loud, rude when necessary, lazy, high maintainence, tiring and occasionally stupid. I love my kids, my husband and my life. I believe that everything is put in front of us to test us and if we can overcome struggle we become better people.

Mister Mushuu: Is my wonderful husband. He works too hard for my liking and believes that if he does, he will leave a legacy for his children that will keep them sustained throughout their lives. I think he's mental and that we should plow through the legacy, but whatever. He can be frustrating, he hates stupidity, he is insanely rational which clashes with my jump in emotional personality. He is incredibly loving though and although he has the tough guy act down pat, he really isn't as bad as he appears.

Master Mushuu: Is our beautiful little boy. He is soon to be 6, and is in his first year at big school. He is shy, quiet and gentle. He is a very soft spoken boy, but one who will be a friend for life. He selects his words, actions and friends very carefully. He is a processor. He has to sort through everything in his head before he acts on anything. He is sensitive and affectionate.

Miss Mushuu: Is our baby girl. She is 3 going on 21 and is the direct opposite to her brother in every way conceivable. Where he possess my dark eyes, skin and hair, she has green eyes, is white as snow and has blonde hair. Where he is quiet and shy, she is outspoken and loud. She is not afraid to tell you what she thinks, she has no regard for consequences, and could care less what people have to say.

The Big R: Is my step-son. He is 20 soon, and makes me laugh. He is loving having fun with his life at the moment and works hard to do that. He is a gentle soul, who loves his baby brother and sisters. He is sensible, fun, calculated and quiet.

The Big S: Is my step-daughter. She is 15 going on 25, and has very much the same personality as her sister. She is very outspoken and loves to have fun. She has about 30 best friends and 300 acquaintances. She is very sociable and hasn't been home on a weekend in about 5 years. She makes me laugh and can be a bit mischievous, but I love her.

Chook: Is my baby sister. By baby I mean she is 17 and I am older than her. She has just finished high school and is spending the year out in the world, working, partying and having fun before heading off to University to be a doctor.

Buddah: Is my baby brother. He is 14 and still at school. He will be heading out into the world this year though to train as a diesel mechanic. He is loud, fun and makes me laugh so much.

The old girl: Is my mother-in-law. I love her, but she grates on my nerves from time to time. She is elderly and will soon be moving in with us.

The Boss Lady: Is my Mum. She is the best Mum anyone could ask for. We have had our ups and downs as any parent and their child does, but she still tries to look after me as best she can.

Anyone else that pops into the blog will probably be added here, but if they are a fleeting appearance then they probably won't be. If you know who I am please don't expose me, it is for the safety of my family and for love of my career that I wish to stay anonymous.