Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Space, like outer space only it's not about outer space

What a shitty day. Got up this morning and took Miss Mushuu off to kindy, which was a great start to the day. I love Kindy days. Then called Mister Mushuu about the houses that we have been looking at buying. So then he got all shitty and hang up on me. Then I rang work to see if they would be bringing back my contract for the coming school year. Apparently not. So I went all Schapelle Corby and crying like an imbecile. Then I call Mister Mushuu back to tell him about our stroke of bad luck because he was going to blow a gasket. We are cutting the cash pretty fine as it is. Then I called the old boss at the regional office and she said she might be able to find me some hours somewhere else, and that she was going to do something about the lack of my contract. So then I got Ninja revenge and called Mister Mushuu again to fill him in on the latest update, but he was all distant probably because he still had the shits with me. So now I am all hopeful about getting a job somewhere else in the department, but I am all ape shit on my old school for not getting their shit together.

Apparently, if you don't have an official piece of paper to say that you are competent in your job, people think your a moron. I am not officially qualified but I do know what I am doing. Also? I am studying to get the qualifications needed. So shut your holes.

The house hunt? Not so good. I have found the perfect house, although there are three houses that I would be happy with. Mister Mushuu? Wants to keep looking. Possibly because I am the one that has looked at 400 different houses, narrowed it down to these three and then made him come and look at them. In order of preferences: House number 1 is perfect. It has a massive big back deck and enough space upstairs for us to all have our own space. There is enough space downstairs for the old girl to have her space and there will be no issues with space. Did I mention it is really big? House number 2 is all polished timber and gorgeousness. Practically brand new and perfect. Downstairs is enough space for the old girl, but we would need to put is some doors and stuff. House number 3 is a little cramped upstairs, but manageable. Downstairs is perfect.

So what is Mister Mushuu's problem with it? He reckons the backyard is too small, in fact the conversation went something like this:

Madam: Ok why don't you like the house?
Mister: The backyard is too small
Madam: Too small for what?
Mister: to play cricket or kick the ball around
Madam: You don't do that now, what makes you think you will do it when we move?
Mister: There will be more space to do it there

Ummmmm.....what? Pretty sure he is just being a shit head now. Might have to get all domestic on him and kick the shit out of him. See how that goes.

Also? Master Mushuu hasn't moved off the couch all day today. Not at all. Not even a little bit.Move child, move. I should go prod him with a stick.

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