Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changes had to be made

This blog has been set up because I needed some anonymity. I had another blog that was all sorts of awesomeness, but sadly it had to be removed to protect myself and my loved ones. It was all full of pictures and great stuff, but you won't see that here. All there is here is writing. You will not see me, so picture me as you wish.

If you know who I am then please don't be careless enough to reveal it here. It is vital for the security of my career and also the security of my family. This will all be day to day stuff, and may be able to guess who I am. I may even privately tell you who I am, but please don't let that out, otherwise my life will end up in tatters.

If you are jumping on to read this, then thank you. This blog will be imperfect and at times difficult to read, because I mostly write when I am tired.

Also, if you are feeling like being generous, then please drop me a line if you are able to jazz my blog up a bit. I would really appreciate it. I will even write a post about you awesomeness.

For now that is all



  1. An anonymous blog sounds divine. So many things I really want to say, and yet I bite my tongue. Hope this works well for you! Enjoyed your posts so far!

  2. I think this is much easier. Now I don't have to hold my tongue. Ever!